Principal Mira Weber recalls the personal impact of arts education

Principal Weber was recently interviewed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra about how the arts inspired her as a child and the importance of music in education.

Please read the article here.

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  1. Loretta (Knudsen) Harrison on November 7, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    Thank you for stressing the impact of music in a child’s life in the interview by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. I write from the perspective of a child of an alumni of Agassiz school who learned piano and flute because of my mother’s passion for music. Luella Jane Jachim attended Agassiz school in the late 1930’s because her mother Ella (Frost) Jachim attended Agassiz. This decision to attend a school away from her neighborhood affected mom as she felt alone during the first few weeks of school. Mom recalls that she made friends by joining various clubs including choir. Fast forward to many years later (2014) with mom revisiting Agassiz to attend a spaghetti supper. She was thrilled at the atmosphere and enthusiasm of Agassiz. Mom is almost eighty-seven years old. She reared eight children, all who went on to play the piano and or various musical instruments. As one of mom’s five daughters, I live in Montgomery, Alabama and teach at a Magnet Elementary School. Just recently, we donated four musical instruments no longer in use to another Magnet School hoping to pass along to others the opportunity to experience music appreciation.

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