Local School Council

October 7, 2020 LSC Meeting

                                                                  Principal Presentation on Renaming and Creating School-Wide Equity Process


The process of our Renaming Agassiz thru the Equity Framework was presented to LSC on 9/16/2020. We are excited about the student driven, democratic process ahead and the journey to creating change and a more equitable school community.


You can watch the recording of the September 16, 2020 LSC Meeting here.

Thank you to all who were able to join the live session.

The Continuous Improvement Work Plan,CIWP,  is a living document to drive overall school improvement planning. It is developed and approved by the Local School Council  for each Chicago Public School every two years. 

The 20-21 school year is the first year of our new Continuous Improvement Work Plan which was approved at the June 3, 2020 LSC Meeting.  


The Agassiz Local School Council (LSC) is a publicly-elected council of parents, teachers, school staff, and community representatives that oversees the school budget, planning and improvements, and the hiring and evaluation of the school principal.*

Key Council Responsibilities

  1. School improvement planning: Developing and approving the school Continuous Improvement Work Plan (CIWP)
  2. School budget: Developing and approving the school’s budget and discretionary funds, including yearly approval of the Supplemental Grant of State Aid (SGSA) budget
  3. Principal selection: Principals are hired for a 4-year contract, at the end of which they are either rehired or replaced by the LSC
  4. Principal evaluation: Conducting performance evaluations of the Principal throughout the 4-year contract

In addition to these four primary responsibilities, our LSC is devoted to and involved in many other areas of school improvement. In order to better focus on these specific areas, the LSC forms committees. Anyone interested in serving on an LSC committee may join. You do not need to be elected to join a committee or attend meetings.

Current Council Members

  • Oliver Williams, Chair, Parent Representative/FOIA Officer
  • Michael Allen, Secretary, Community Representative
  • Nicholas Hall, Teacher Representative
  • Tina Holder King, Parent Representative
  • Carrie George, Parent Representative
  • Sara Ogeto, Parent Representative
  • Chirag Mehta, Parent Representative
  • Jacqueline Price, Community Representative
  • David Rench, Teacher Representative
  • Marilyn Rosario-Caro, Non-Teaching Staff Representative
  • Mira Weber, Principal

Check the school calendar for meeting details, dates, and times.

Please feel free to contact the Agassiz LSC at agassizLSC@gmail.com with questions and comments.

Council Meetings

The Agassiz LSC usually meets at 6:00 PM on the first Wednesday of the month. Meetings are open to the public, and time is allotted for public comments.

Whether you are a parent, staff member, or local community member, we encourage you to attend, and welcome your input!

Meeting Archive

The Chicago Board of Education has adopted a Code of Ethics to ensure board members, LSC members, employees, and contractors act in the highest ethical manner in order to preserve the public trust of residents and taxpayers.

Run for LSC

For information about LSC elections, including eligibility, nomination forms, history, and training, please visit the CPS Local School Councils homepage.

*Formed in the 1980s as part of Chicago public school reform, Local School Councils were designed to give greater oversight and control to individual schools and their communities, and are required by law.

Each Local School Council consists of 11 elected members (six parent representatives, two teacher representatives, two community representatives, and one non-teaching staff member) and the school principal.

  • All eleven elected members of the LSC serve a two-year term; the school principal has a permanent seat on the council
  • Principals are hired for a 4-year contract, at the end of which they are either rehired or replaced by the LSC
  • Members of the school faculty and staff elect the teacher and non-teaching staff member representatives
  • Community representatives must reside within the school attendance area, but not have a child at the school